Who is this ROB STEELE guy?

Well, this is where we talk about why he's pretty awesome ...



Wait... he does comedy?

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A Note From Rob

It’s important but clearly not *that* important


Reading is one of the most important things we do, but too many places have made it not fun anymore, like school or work or the news. I'd like to fix that.

The stories you are about to find out about are not Shakespeare, by any means. They're fun and easy to read, but that doesn't mean they're (necessarily) for kids! I have written them for the purpose of enjoyment and entertainment only.

So, please, enjoy.


Who is this Rob Steele guy anyway?

The books are more fun than this.

Rob Steele (not a psuedonym) is an award-winning journalist who has realized that he prefers writing about fictional deaths rather than real ones. Never mind the fact that he was a baseball reporter – please don’t hold that against him. He also discovered that his humor leaking through his writing is more acceptable in his own books than some newspaper column or blog. (This looks remarkably like what's on the back of the books. Want proof? Buy one of the books!)

Kind Words From Readers - or - Reviews
David G. McAffee

[Unto Others is] a new take on one of the most popular stories of all time!

David G. McAffee - Author
Kathy Crockett

[Unto Others is a g]ood read, unique twist. Anything that makes you THINK is great!

Kathy Crocket - Amazon Purchaser
Reference from Elle Shepard

One thing I like about [Eclipsing The Moons], you can read it whenever you please - one story at a time, or several. You won't be disappointed!

Elle Shepard - Professor of Creative Writing
Jeff Stinson

[Rob] often brings humor - sometimes dry - always clever - and he carefully inserts it at the right moments so the reader appreciates it.

Jeff Stinson - Poet / Author