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From this primary page you can access all things produced by Steele42 Productions and Rob Steele. The podcasts, the novels and other projects as they come up.

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The Podcasts

The COYL Entertainment Network

COYL Entertainment Network - Ready To Spring Information On You At A Moments Notice.

Let's start with, what does COYL mean? It means "Careful Or You'll Learn." The idea is to produce entertaining AND intelligent programs. This way the listener (you) will not only enjoy what you're hearing but you'll also probably accidentally learn something.

For now, the programming includes:

  • 2 Pages Of Mystery - New authors send in short mystery stories and we turn them into audiobooks, eBooks for the website (2PagesOfMystery.com) and eventually into actual physical books. It's hard to get published these days but we're trying to make it not only easy, but entertaining.

  • The FWOT Show - Our admittedly 'liberal' slant on the news takes a logical and often humorous approach to the news.

  • Cinema Savants - Rob Steele and Todd Vandenberg review movies from not just today but tomorrow and occasionally yesterday.

  • The Wytching Hour - Elle Shepard discusses everything today's modern Pagan needs to know. If you ever wanted to know what the "alternative" religions think, here's where you can find out.


    Here is a listing and some links to the novels Rob Steele has written so far. More forthcoming!

    Assorted links and goodies